We are Misusing God’s Petticoat

When growing up, we had a playgroup where there was this boy, let’s call him Jaymoh. Jaymoh was this special son, pampered by parents and elder siblings. He found it easy to insult others, slap, hit others with pebbles, and report fake allegations of us having beaten him when plying, to his elder brothers who would in return chase us around and beat us up. Ours toys were his by default and his toys were his alone.
There are occasions when Jaymo would hit you, steal your toys/ball, and then go hide behind the mother/brother/father. Jaymoh found it very easy to even hide under the mother’s wide skirt (remember the days when mother’s wore wide kamisis?), or under the mum’s stool where she was seated chatting with other women.
He mastered the art of acting a victim and assaulting other children. Any toy/ball you had was only yours for as long as Jaymoh had not picked interest in it. And we did not like it. And we tried and had our revenge when Jaymoh’s protectors were not watching.
Still, I think Jaymoh’s family furthered this misbehavior by being overprotective of him. He lost all his friends in effect.
Luckily, I tend to think, God does not act like Jaymoh’s parents and siblings. There has been this strong attempt by both Jubilee and NASA to pull God to their side. Each side thinks they’ll use God to punish their enemies, retain power, or go to Canaan respectively. I think God is not a contract killer or contract ally. No party is so special so that God will side with one half of Kenya and ignore the other half. I don’t think so.
Then I also believe the creator of the universe gave us both power and authority to discern between what is good and what is bad and act accordingly. That’s why I don’t believe in our MISLEADERS making careless utterances, mismanaging public resources, politically inciting tribes against each other, and then when tensions heat up, they run to churches to pray, tell us to sing the national anthem and run to seek the intervention of the international community.
It is a funny game our MISLEADERS are playing. That’s why I don’t like it when people want us to pray for peace when there are actions that can be taken to ensure we have enduring peace and harmony, but nobody wants to act right. We just all just want to play dirty then go hide under God’s petticoat.

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